Problems Of Classic Onboarding

  • Practice on Customers

    Financial damage and image harm for brand.

  • Nontransparent progress

    No possibility of quick adjustments.

  • Anti Millenials

    Today’s sales force learns differently.

  • Lacking flexibility

    Inefficient adaption to new industry trends and developments.

The solution?

Agiles Sales Onboarding

Faster quota achievement

Agile onboarding leads to a faster attainment of crucial milestones and KPI target values.

Higher employee satisfaction

Increase the satisfaction level of your new hires, by enabling them to taste success earlier and to develop more confidence for their occupation.

More efficient

Shorten ramp up time of your sales force so that they are faster ready and productive.

Rapid Feedback

Receive ongoing feedback faster about the suitability of an employee for the relevant role. Valuable information for HR.

More learning success

Combine necessary knowledge and required skills in an agile way. This leads to a much better measurable performance after the onboarding phase.

More transparency

Always know precisely the current stage of your employees learning process. This empowers you to support them immediately and forecast more accurately.

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