Sales Approach & Scope

  • Complex & Enterprise Sales

    Navigating through complex sales processes and cycles. Particularly in the digital landscape (SAAS).

  • Account Planning

    Strategic account planning to generate more revenue and enhance customer loyalty as well as satisfaction.

  • Funnel Management

    Focusing on the right opps at the right time. Thus managing your funnel effectively.

  • Sales Talent

    Implementing a system to effectively identify, hire and retain great sales talent.

  • Value Selling

    Identify value. Quantify value. Prove value.

  • Insight orientation

    Today’s educated buyer expects more from your sales force.

  • Differentiation

    Effectively communicating your USP at every customer touchpoint.

  • Sales Methodology

    Efficient implementation and adoption of the most suitable sales methodology.


Agile Sales Training & Coaching

Agile Adjustments

Fast and flexible adjustmens of new industry trends and market developments that affect you and your customers.

Agile Gamification

Delivering Training in a more engaging way, by deploying motivational characteristics of games. Thus enabling interactivity and enhancing the motivation of your sales force.

Agile Assessment

Precise and fast assessment of your sales reps stage of development. Quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

Agile Skill-Gap Analysis

Flexible and specific adaption to the constantly changing learning needs of your sales force.

Agile Coaching culture

Empowering sales managers to efficiently and regularly coach their sales teams.

Agile certification

Sales reps receive certifications, when defined training milestones are accomplished. This increases transparency and serves as a form of recognition.


Quota Attainment

Sales force hits their targets faster and consistently. More content and motivated sales force and management.

High scalability

Best conditions for a growing sales force and global vision.

Continuous Readiness

An “Always Ready” sales force that radiates confidence and competency at any customer touchpoint.

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