Rico Alokuzay

Sales Enablement Expert

“Top performance at the decisive moment”

Rico Alokuzay is a sought-after sales enablement expert both at home and abroad. He “chases” companies to top sales performances with agile methods. In doing so, he provides tools for immediate application that deliver sustainable results. In the past, Rico Alokuzay has held leading positions both in the service-sector and in the field of sales.

“Sell on your value message and differentiation drivers”

The ongoing digitalization is accompanied by the rise of many SaaS and Cloud-based solutions. Although opportunities are everywhere, many companies struggle with selling their digital solutions in a scalable way. With buyers becoming increasingly educated and sales processes more complex than ever, sales reps need to be able to effectively communicate value and differentiation.

“An always ready sales force is the key”

By deploying an agile approach, Rico Alokuzay optimizes sales onboarding and training. This ensures a continuous development of the sales force and leads to faster quota attainment. He knows about the distinctive needs of predominant millennial teams and therefore incorporates many gamification and interactive elements. As a digital enthusiast, he knows about the benefits of on-demand e-learning and how to cultivate it at a company.

“Effectively engage your sales force, so they are able to effectively engage your customers.”

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